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ICCO Pizzeria Review | London’s Best Value Pizza

ICCO’s pizzeria might not be the best pizza in London, but it might just be the best value for your money in the city.

£6 for a pizza? Yeah its going to be a few small slices at the most right (my wallet and I are onto your game London).

You’re so cynical London Tim! Glasgow Tim shakes his head in disapproval at how London has changed you.

Since moving to London, I’ve come to expect smaller portions for more money.

So, to my surprise, when I went to collect my pizza from the counter, a 12 inch pizza was waiting for me.

Okay you can get pizza for that price in those wee-hours-of-the-morning kebab/pizza shops that seem like a good idea drunk but no sane sober person would eat at.

I ordered the Brunch pizza which was topped with mushroom, sausage and a runny egg in the middle.

Brunch Pizza ICCo London Review
Brunch pizza. Yup, that’s a runny egg in the middle.

There was plenty of mushroom on top and underneath the cheese. Oddly there were five large pieces of sausage (not even enough for each slice) randomly placed. I think they could have been sliced thinner to make it appear there were more.

The base was super thin and pretty soggy the closer you got to the middle, probably from the runny egg, but this just made it easier to roll the slice into a cylinder shape and fit into my mouth. That’s how I roll.

Okay, a runny egg is probably not one of the best ingredients to use as a pizza topping. Picking up a slice with my hands (which is one of the many things I enjoy about the pizza eating experience) was out of the question.

As probably one of the best value for money pizza joints to eat in London, it’s no surprise they were constantly churning out pizzas while I was there. Luckily, ICCO’s restaurant has plenty of seating, even if it isn’t the most comfortable of surroundings (I sat at a grey metal table which is more akin to a restaurant plating area in a kitchen).

Icco pizza buzzer review London

They give you a buzzer so you know when its time to collect your pizza. You stare at the buzzer intensely, waiting for it to buzz, you forget and it scares the crap out of you.

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Dubbing themselves as London’s most authentic Italian pizza, ICCO’s offer many Italian sounding pizzas on their menu plus a handful of traditional Italian desserts like which I wish I knew about at the time.

Okay, ICCO’s isn’t the best pizza you’ll ever have in London, but for around the £6 mark, you certainly can’t and won’t complain. The trade off in quality is worth the price if your looking for a budget pizza in London.

The nearest underground station to Charlotte Street is Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road making ICCO’s a good option after shopping on Oxford Street. And their open till late.

Check out my review of Pepe for another budget pizza in London. If you’re looking for pizza near Oxford Street, check out my Pizza Pilgrims review.  If you’re looking for an Italian restaurant in London which does great pizza and pasta, read my Vapiano review in Bankside.

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