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Pizza Pilgrims Review, Dean Street | Neapolitan Sourdough Calzone

1. A journey to a sacred place or shrine.

2. A long journey or search, especially one of exalted purpose or moral significance.

Quite fitting my journey to find the best pizza in London should lead me to Pizza Pilgrims.

What makes Pizza Pilgrims stand out from the rest? All ingredients are sourced from in and around Naples. That’s right, the one in Italy, the country which is home to the pizza. And with better quality, authentic ingredients you can taste the difference.

I tried my very first calzone (Calzone Ripieno £10) and was delighted when it arrived. It was so big, it hung off the edge of the plate! It was only half way through eating that I realised calzones are supposed to be folded in half… gimme a break it was my first one okay?!

Calzone Ripieno
Calzone Ripieno

It’s the first time I’ve had a sourdough pizza which made for a thin and light base, together with the puffy crust which you didn’t have to wrestle to chew bits off like Dominos, making it feel less doughy and heavy. Topped with Napoli salami, mushroom and three types of cheeses (ricotta, fior di latte and parmesan), it’s definitely a match for the pizzas I had in Rome.

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I also had a Nocciolatte (£2) which came with a teaspoon of nutella, some which melted into the drink, the rest I licked clean off the spoon plus a wee delicious biscotti on the side.

Nocciolatte - Pizza Pilgrims

Has my journey to find the best pizza in London ended at Pizza Pilgrims? Quite possibly so.

Check out the founders own pilgrimage to find out who they are. I went to the Pizza Pilgrims on Dean Street, Soho but they also have a restaurant in Kingly Court behind Hamleys.

Looking for a taste of Italy that’s easy on your pocket? Check out my pizza review of Pepe on St.Martin’s Lane. And for dessert, head to Snowflake Gelato on Wardour Street!

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Have you tried Pizza Pilgrims or sourdough pizza? Tell me in the comments section below!

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