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Pepe Pizza Review | A Slice of Italy in London

Visiting Trafalgar Square or the theatre district in London and need a quick bite to eat that also gives you change from a fiver? Head to Pepe’s for a slice of authentic Italian pizza. 

One of the reasons I loved my 21st birthday trip to Rome was the pizza. Square and rectangular pieces of deliciousness that was easy in my wallet too.

Grabbing a slice to go at Pepe’s brought back those found memories.

Pepe, menu, London

With roughly ten pizzas to choose from (I think they rotate their toppings, check out their full menu), you’re bound to find something you fancy. There are even vegetarian options!

Pepe, pizza, London

The best thing is they don’t scrimp on the cheese either. You can tell they use quality cheese. You know, the gooey kind that continues to stretch no matter how far you pull the pizza away from your mouth. The base of the pizza was lovely and soft like a sponge cake too.

Pepe, pizza, London

This is just one slice, not bad for £4 huh?

Great service to boot, the Italian gentleman who served me continued to address me as sir – I’m sure there are some classy restaurants that don’t do this. It’s the little touches which make it one of my favourite inexpensive eats in London. It’s a must for any budget travellers coming to London.

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