Amster-damn You’re Fine | Instagrammable Places in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has much more to photograph than the canals you know. Here are the best places to take pictures in Amsterdam.

For those who don’t know, I’m trying to travel to a new city every birthday. So far I’ve travelled alone to Rome, Barcelona, Nice (The French Riviera), Milan, Paris and Copenhagen. I had left it a bit too late and now the cheap flights risen in price. £90 return flight to Amsterdam seemed alright. It was more than alright. Here is what I (and my Sony a5000) saw in Amsterdam in 4 days.

I love Amsterdam’s houses. Each one seemed to be a different colour and shape to the next.

I love the weird sun flare I got on this shot.

I don’t know if the houses are tilting or I’m just a bad photographer and forgot to level. Probably the later.

As if the houses weren’t unique enough, home owners added floral touches just to make them stand out that little bit more. Similar to when neighbours in Britain compete with Christmas lights displays. Spot the cat.

Even the house boats were getting in on the act.

And the streets and side streets are generally pretty too.

Bikes everywhere!

I love this sign too.

Mopeds were also a popular form of transport too.

I wish they moved the sandwich board in the window so you could read the travel quote.

I was looking forward to seeing some amazing street art in Amsterdam, but didn’t find all that much. I love this by Invader together with the love heart. Have you seen Invader’s street art in London?

Not street art as such, but I like it anyhow.

Love going to the zoo! Loved Copenhagen Zoo too! Why haven’t I been to London Zoo yet? How cool are these little guys!?

I love how the monkeys clean each other!

While on the otherside of this structure, one monkey sat on his own. Aw, poor little guy! This is my spirit animal.

Seriously thinking about giving up my day job and becoming one of those people who make make huge-ass bubbles. Look how much joy they bring to the world!

Really impressed by the architecture of The Eye and A’dam Lookout.

A’dam Lookout reminds me of Maxwell’s Oreo freakshake

Old cars>new cars.

Still have that weird obsession of taking photos of people taking photos from behind.

I love this art deco looking cinema.

The grey skies ruined my photos from the rooftop of A’dam Lookout. That’s the roof of Amsterdam train station in case you wondered.

They had visuals of what Amsterdam looked like way back when so you could compare to the present day.

What would a photo post about Amsterdam be without pictures of the canals!

Not as good as the love lock bridge in Paris but still cute.

There’s a floating Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam.

Really like this bridge.

Standard photo of the I amsterdam sign.

Amsterdam’s botanical gardens triggering my hay fever – should have seen it coming.

Another sun flare!


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