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Flesh and Buns Review, Covent Garden: What to Have From the Menu?

Sucker for a good deal? Try the Express Menu at Flesh and Buns. Just not on a date…

The flesh and buns are good, but those desserts…



When the sundae arrived, I looked like the Grinch. That’s how wide my smile was.

It towered in front of me, casting a rather sinister shadow on the table.

Huge. Crunchy. Sweet. The matcha made the sundae unique.

I still finished the sundae off (standard) despite finishing a crispy piglet bao just moments before.



Oh that crispy piglet (did make me think of Piglet from Winnie the Pooh…). Crispy skin, tender middle and falling apart as soon as it hit my tongue. I could have happily eaten a whole plate of it by itself.

So it was a bonus to receive hella soft bao buns, lettuce and a dressing of mustard miso and pickled apple.

It was fun making the bao too, a bit like creating ssam at Superstar BBQ (review). If anything, there is enough crispy piglet for another couple of baos so I recommend ordering another to share.

The express menu offers terrific value. Available every day until 6pm & after 10pm, have either 2 courses and a drink for £19 or 3 courses with a drink for £22 (Flesh and Buns menu).

I returned to Flesh and Buns at a later date because I enjoyed my first visit so much. On a date. No pressure.

And no photos. Because it’s too early in a relationship to be taking photos of your food (there was no second date so I’m regretting not doing it in hindsight).

I ordered the shredded duck this time (the waiter kindly shredded it for me at the table which I still feel awkward and guilty for a month later, like he was my butler or something. ‘And would you like me to chew it for you sir?’).

It was pretty dry. Even with the sour plum sauce and pickled beetroot side, my date watched me awkwardly chew (I’m not blaming Flesh and Buns by the way for not getting a second date).

I also had the Kinako Donuts (£6.25). Huge balls filled with black sugar custard. Super sweet and wholly satifying my sweet tooth, Flesh and Buns know their way around a dessert, that’s for sure.

Flesh and Buns has a lively atmosphere with quite loud music. Not the best for a first date as we had to shout across the table (I’m difficult enough to understand as it is with my Scottish accent). But it would be excellent for a night out amongst friends.

You can book tables at Flesh and Buns, but they do keep some tables free for walk ins as we did (I forgot to book a table… as long as you don’t mind sitting next to other parties.

I’ve heard a lot about Flesh and Buns bottomless brunch on Sundays too (I’m tee-total but sounds like a good offer anyhow).

The nearest tube station is Covent Garden.

Flesh and Buns address

41 Earlham St, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9LX

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