Buns and Buns menu review, Covent Garden: Pork Belly Bao Buns and Shoestring Fries

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Housed in their David Blaine-like box, Buns and Buns feels a lot more secluded than you’d think despite being in the middle of Covent Garden. I sat at the kitchen and really enjoyed watching the hustle and bustle as food was meticulously prepared.

The Buns and Buns menu has a little something for everyone, from pizza romanas and sandwiches to bao buns and salads. The huge rotisserie chickens looked amazing!

Buns and Buns Covent Garden menu

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I ordered the bourbon glazed pork belly bao bun, shoestring fries and green tea, all were delicious.

The bourbon glaze gives the pork belly a real kick. The best way I can describe the shoestring fries is deconstructed waffle crisps. Super thin shards of crispy potato with an accompaniment Chinese mustard, sun-dried tomato vinaigrette and black sesame seeds.

I was served by four staff members who were all really nice and friendly, even sharing a joke with a cook!

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