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Bleecker St. Burger Review | A Medium Rare Surprise

In Bleeker St. we trust. Thou shalt have burgers medium rare.

‘Err… yeah sure’ was the reply I gave.

I was caught off guard. Medium rare, for a burger? Sure, a steak medium rare is normal, but if you received a medium rare burger in McDonald’s, you would complain.

But I found myself saying yes (with no conviction) when Bleecker St. Burger popped me the question. I waited nervously for my burger, wondering would I like a medium rare burger? I always have my steak well done so what was I thinking?! I needn’t have worried.

Bacon cheeseburger - Bleecker St. Burger

Bacon cheeseburger – Bleecker St. Burger

Sure, it looks a bit odd seeing pink when you take a bite, but it gives it a wonderful texture on your tongue. This sort of soft and slightly gooey feel without losing any of the juiciness you expect from a burger. In fact it was so juicy, it dripped and oozed (napkins are provided thankfully). Topped with more gooeyness from the american cheese, crispy bacon and crunchy onions, the bacon cheeseburger packs a punch at £7. A burger wouldn’t be a burger without the buns, and boy do Bleecker Burger have great buns. Featuring a golden tan on top, you can feel it flake in your mouth before biting through the fluffy white bread.

What makes Bleecker St. Burger’s so authentic and tasty? It’s the product of someone who worked in a burger joint on the Lower East Side of New York – can’t get more bona fide than that. Follow them on Twitter to find where the Bleecker St. Burger truck is in London!

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