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Pulled Pork Burger De-Luxe, Ed’s Easy’s Diner Review | Mayfair, London

Transport yourself across the pond and enjoy the retro American diner atmosphere at Ed’s Easy Diner. Step into hamburger and dessert heaven!

Anywhere that plays Elvis in the background has already won my heart. But it wasn’t just the music I was enjoying.

I haven’t been to a real American diner across the Atlantic, but Ed’s Easy Diner is everything I thought an authentic diner would be. A mix of hot red, black and white chequered tiles and chrome fittings transports you straight into the movies like Back To The Future. I felt like I should have had my hair slicked back or something!

More than just aesthetics however, Ed’s Easy Diner has the food to match. You could close your eyes and randomly point at the menu and be happy with whatever your finger lands on (see Ed’s Easy Diner’s full menu).

Ed's Easy Diner Menu

Ed’s Easy Diner Menu

I stood outside analysing the menu for a good five minutes. Do I have a hamburger, hot dog or chicken? Finally settling on a hamburger (which are never frozen I might add), I now had the mammoth decision of picking which hamburger! Hamburgers which caught my eye were Ed’uardo’s Fiesta (American cheese, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and spicy salsa), Chilli Cheese Burger (topped with chilli con carne and American cheese) and Big Bubba’s Bacon N’ Cheese (Everything in ‘The Original’ with Ed’s Diner Sauce, plus sweet-cured bacon and American cheese).

But if you’ve been reading my food reviews in London you’ll know I can’t resist a pulled pork burger! So it’s no surprise I picked the Pulled Pork Burger De-luxe. And as a special treat to myself, I chose an Ed’s plate which includes fries, coleslaw and onion rings together with your burger for only £4.10 extra.

Pulled Pork De-luxe -Ed's Plate - Ed's Easy Diner

Pulled Pork De-luxe -Ed’s Plate – Ed’s Easy Diner

‘What else is that I can feel on my tongue?’ I thought as I took my first bite into my burger. To my surprise I found a hamburger hiding under the pulled pork! I thought it was just pulled pork I would be receiving so this was a nice surprise to say the least – great value for money! It was the best of both worlds with the barbecued stringy pulled pork and the much firmer texture of the hamburger not to mention that slightly melted American cheese!

The chunky fries were perfectly crisp and soft on the inside (the only way fries should be) while the onion rings were even crisper, making a satisfying crunch sound as I bit in. The onion rings maybe lacked a fuller body as there wasn’t that many onions inside each, but that’s me being super critical.

Needless to say I demolished the whole thing in seconds flat as I sat there on a red stool, mouthing the words and tapping my foot to Jailhouse Rock and other 1950’s classics.

Jukebox - Ed's Easy Diner

Jukebox – Ed’s Easy Diner

If you love the music selection as much as I do, they sell CDs! They also had these very cool jukeboxes along the counter which are genuine and restored. I only found out as I was paying for my meal that they actually work! And you’re encouraged to play your favourite tunes from the era as all the money from their jukeboxes go to charity – what a wonderful gesture.

Oh and I haven’t even mentioned the desserts! There’s everything from sundaes and ice cream floats to waffles and pancakes to brownies and New York styled cheesecake – sweet tooth heaven I think you’ll agree. But it’s their milkshakes which they are renown for (butterscoth? Yes please). I’m definitely coming back to review the desserts!

Ed’s Easy Diner is ideal if you are looking for lunch or diner in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty to satisfy any friends or family. I visited the Mayfair branch just off of Oxford Street after a bit of shopping; perfect after a bit of retail therapy. Oh and a honourable mention to the nice staff who served me with a smile!

Have you eaten at Ed’s Easy Diner? What did you have? Which dessert or milkshake would you choose? Tell me in the comments section below!

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