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Review: Insanity Burger, Stax Diner | Soho’s Messiest Burger

I first became aware of Stax when I read a tweet about the Stax Challenge. ‘That sounds fun!’ I thought.

But now I was seated reading the menu and what the Stax Challenge actually involves (a five patty Stax burger, a basket of cajun boardwalk fries and a super sized milkshake), I suddenly lost my appetite.

Sure, I would like to emulate my hero Adam Richman from Man vs. Food, but I feel I should probably train for challenges like these or something? Maybe see how I get on eating their regular burger before deciding to commitment £25 and an afternoon in food coma land. I’m glad I did.

Stax, a reference to the legendary 60’s record label, held another meaning. The Insanity burger was huge. Even when I tried to flatten it with my hand the Insanity burger refused to fit in my mouth and be eaten whole.

Insanity Burger - Stax Diner, Kingly Court, London

Insanity Burger

I even had to ask for a knife and fork (I know that’s frowned upon in burger circles). Stax have a disclaimer, warning those insane enough to try their insanity burger (cue evil villain laughter) that their Comeback sauce is hot. While the hot sauce did give the burger a kick, even I (a wimp when it comes to spice) found the heat to be more than manageable.

The burger itself was delicious. The juicy chargrilled burger made the soft bun disintegrate as too did the fried onion ring while the cheese continued to goo from all of the heat. The maple glazed bacon added a little sweetness to the whole thing. For £11.95, it seems a little expensive for it not to come with fries.

I also had my first ice cream float, fizzy juice (or soda pop as they call it) in a sundae glass with a scoop of ice cream. The idea shouldn’t work, but for some reason it just does. I recommend the Brown Cow ice cream float (coca cola and vanilla ice cream) for £4.95. The vanilla ice cream goes particularly well which you really can taste through the coke. The coke quickly fizzes away at the ice cream so you’re able to suck it through the straw which is oddly satisfying.

Brown Cow Ice Cream Float - Stax Diner, Kingly Court, London

Brown Cow Ice Cream Float

The American style diner restaurant is quite cosy. You can sit at the window where they open the windows out onto the sun baked and colourful Kingly Court balconies. Stax still managed a great service with a smile despite being busy. The menu has a good variety of burgers, chicken dishes and desserts and an even bigger selection of alcoholic drinks. Check out the Stax menu. Or you could dance to unlock the Stax Secret Menu… Intrigued? Me too. #staxsecretmenu

Stax maybe not the best burger in London but a more than decent option if you’re in the Carnaby Street area looking for a burger fix.

I will be back to attempt the Stax Challenge (when I’m hungrier).

Kingly Court is tucked away in Carnaby Street, so here’s a map to help you (Stax is on the first floor of Kingly Court). The nearest tube stations to Stax are Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus.

Have you tried Stax or an ice cream float before? Where is the best burger you’ve had in London? Tell me in the comments section below!

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