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Home » Phox Water Filter Review: Eco-Friendly Alternative To Brita?

Phox Water Filter Review: Eco-Friendly Alternative To Brita?

I stopped buying bottled water a while ago. A frightening 7% of plastic bottles are recycled globally. So I bought a Brita filter which seemed eco-friendly.

Brita filter cartridges have a recommended life of 1-2 months. Which means you have to buy new cartridges (made of plastic) frequently. That’s a lot of plastic over time.

Brita filter cartridges can be recycled, you can check your closest recycling centre here. But there might not be a centre close to you.

I found a better alternative to Brita.

Phox water filters are compatible with Brita filters (so I didn’t have to buy a new water jug) and they use only one cartridge, saving on new plastic being created.

All you have to do is refill the chemicals inside the cartridge.

pH tests also show Phox filtered water performs better than Brita too.

There are two packs to choose from Clean and Alkaline.

I buy the Clean version because I live in a hard water area. The Clean refill is built to soften water, reduce hardness and reduce limescale.

If I didn’t live in a hard water area, I would buy the alkaline pack instead which helps acid reflux, aid sports recovery and removes contaminants like heavy metals and chlorine.

Each filter refill lasts 200 litres (44 gallons) or 45 days.


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