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Renpho Eye Massager Review: Worth Investing In?

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During the pandemic, I noticed my eyes were hurting a lot more, being stuck inside and staring at a screen at all waking hours.

Three years on and things haven’t changed since I work from home full time (after work I go downstairs and watch TV or play the PS4).

Eye drops help a little bit for tired eyes, but I decided to try an eye massager.

Some eye massagers can cost up to £200, but I didn’t want to spend that much on something I wasn’t 100% sure would help my tired eyes.

I found this Renpho eye massager for £50 which is one of the cheapest eye massagers on Amazon. I bought this Renpho back massager a year ago which turned out to be a fantastic purchase so I was confident in the Renpho brand name.

Renpho eye massager features

So what does the eye massager actually do? There are two main functions – heat and pressure.

I mainly bought this for the messaging pressure, knowing that using just my fingers felt good. I would say the massagers work mostly on the temples and around your eyes, with a little pressure applied to the eyelids themselves. There are three pressure settings to choose from, off, soft and hard (I always choose the hard setting which you have to select every time you use unfortunately).

The heat function was actually a pleasant surprise. Previously, I’ve only used a cool eye mask, but heat works equally well I found. So much so, together with the pressure function, I fall asleep half the time!

The other surprise fuction is the sound speaker. This drowns out the loud noise of the pressure slightly. It’s Bluetooth connectivity so I can listen to a podcast, audiobook or music (there is present “relaxation” music but I don’t think anyone would enjoy it). The speaker stops automatically when the massager stops (so I don’t lose my place in my podcast or audiobook when I do fall asleep).

There’s also small remote control so you don’t have to keep taking of the eye massager to change settings.

And if you’re worried about hygiene, the eye massager has wipeable surface to clean.

Renpho eye massager negatives

One negative is the loud sound of the pressure function. I did get used to it after a couple of weeks, but the noise is similar to an electric toothbrush, only louder. And goes on for 15 minutes.

The second negative is the battery life is fairly short. A full charge lasts about five uses. So using it most days of the week means I frequently have to charge. The eye massager also uses usb connection.

Renpho eye massager verdict

Would I but another eye massager if it broke? Yes, definitely! I might try one of the more expensive eye massagers too.

Buy the Renpho eye massager from Amazon – £40

Skandas – £150

Lifepro – £114


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