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Top 10 Dog Parks In Canada

If you’re visiting Canada or moving there with your dog, then a question on your mind may be, Are dogs allowed in parks Canada?

The answer is yes; most parks in Canada allow dogs. However, some parks have strict rules about keeping dogs on leash at all times, while others don’t.

In this guide, we’ve curated a list of the best dog parks to take your four-legged friend to when in Canada.

As of 2021, Canada has 47 national parks. But are dogs allowed in Canadian national parks? Yes, of Canada’s 47 national parks, 46 allow dogs. Although they are allowed, most parks have some form of leash restrictions that are specific to each. 

Parc Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montréal

Located along the Avenue Girouard in Montreal, the Parc Notre-Dame-de-Grace is a perfect escape for you and your dog. It has an off-leash dog park with a fenced dog run, kids’ area, skate park, and many more attractions.

The park also has basic amenities like drinking water, washrooms, and benches for visitors to be comfortable during their visit.

The park is open Monday through Sunday from 6 am to midnight.

Conroy Pit, Ottawa

As Bridget Willoughby says, “The journey of life is sweeter when travelled with a dog.”

So is a day at the park with your four-legged friend! 

If you’re looking to spend a quiet day with your dog in Ottawa, then Conroy Pit is an excellent option to check out.

Also known as the Conroy Pit Loop, this park is one of Ottawa’s most well-known dog-friendly areas. The Pit Loop is a 5.1 km trail lined with the regions’ flora that you can hike or bike along.

The park has designated off-leash areas for dogs, a picnic area, washrooms, parking, and other excellent outdoor facilities.

All parks in Ottawa are typically open throughout the week, from 6 am to 11 pm.

High Park, Toronto

Toronto is a very dog-friendly city, and High Park, its largest public park covering 399 acres of land, is an excellent place to visit.

Located a few minutes to the west of downtown Toronto, High Park offers visitors a range of options in outdoor attractions. Of course, the attraction you are likely most interested in is the dog park.

High Park offers dog owners a designated off-leash area to bring their pets to. While there are many trails inside the park, dogs can only remain unleashed within the designated areas.

The park is free for all to enter and is not gated, so you can enter anytime you want. However, the park’s official website does not encourage nighttime visits.

How many dog parks are there in Toronto? There are around 34 off-leash dog parks and a total of 1,500 parks in Toronto. 

Sue Higgins Park, Calgary

Visiting Canada’s sunniest city is a treat for those interested in plenty of outdoor spaces, diverse communities, and a rich history to explore.

But what about your dog? Are dogs allowed in parks Canada, especially Calgary?

Don’t worry. Calgary, like all Canadian cities, is friendly towards dogs. And Calgary’s top location you must visit with your dog is Sue Higgins Park. But do not forget to teach your dog how to behave in a park.

The 4.5 km loop trail of the park is a popular destination for hiking, walking, running, bird watching, and, of course, dog-walking.

The off-leash dog area is properly fenced, so there’s one less thing for you to worry about. The trail also offers all types of terrain that your dog is sure to love!

The park is open throughout the week from 5 am to 11 pm.

Banff Dog Parks, Banff

Banff offers dog owners not one but two off-leash dog parks to take their pets to.

Located on Hawk Avenue, the first Banff dog park is a fenced off-leash dog park spread across 1.5 acres. The second is located at the Recreation Grounds and is a recent addition to the city.

Other than these parks, the Banff National Park is also a destination that tourists and locals love.

But are dogs allowed in Banff national park? Yes. Pets are allowed inside the Banff National Park, but only if they’re leashed at all times.

Point Pleasant Park, Halifax

This 185-acre wooded park is a key destination to explore the region’s culture, heritage, and natural landscapes. And what better company to explore it with than your beloved dog?

Point Pleasant Park is located at the southern tip of Halifax and has plenty of trails to hike. The paths are wide and provide scenic views of the ocean.

The park is open from Monday to Sunday from 6 am to 10 pm.

Three Mile Bend, Red Deer, Alberta

Another one of Canada’s popular natural loop trails is the Three Mile Bend. It is spread across 135 acres and also features a river.

You can explore one of its many trails for dog-walking, hiking, road biking, canoeing, and more. The park allows dogs to roam off-leash and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Check out the complete list of guidelines for pet owners on the City of Red Deer website.

Macaulay Point Park, Victoria

Located at a 15-minute drive from Victoria, Macaulay Point Park is a popular spot with dog owners. The 18 acres of space has multiple trails, parks, and a beach that you and your dog can have a laid-back day at.

Are you interested in visiting this off-the-beaten-track beauty? Macaulay Point Park can be visited any time of the day, and all days of the week.

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Centennial Park, Moncton, N.B.

Spread across 232 acres, the Centennial Park is a recreational space and forest in one.

You can take your pet for an on-leash walk through the entirety of the park, or free them from the leash in one of the designated dog park areas. There are also separate forested dog park sections for large and small dogs.

It is open throughout the week from 10 am to 8 pm for visitors to hike, bike, walk, play, or picnic across many of its trails.

Sunnybrook Park, Ontario

With 380 acres to play with, any dog is bound to get excited to visit one of the best dog parks in Ontario.

The park includes biking trails, a dog fountain, an off-leash area, picnic sites, and more facilities for visitors and their pets.

The park is accessible to visitors at any hour of the day throughout the week.

Final Thoughts

Did this guide answer some of your pressing questions, such as are dogs allowed in parks Canada?

We hope it did, and we also hope you can visit as many of these dog parks as possible. Once you do, make sure to write to us with your stories!

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