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Best Vegan Desserts in London: Ethos Review

I couldn’t be a vegetarian I thought. That’s before I ate at Ethos.

I love meat. How could I live without things like the Greedy Burger and all of it’s bacon jam goodness.

A life of eating vegetables alone doesn’t sound very appetising. But Ethos have showed me that vegetarian food doesn’t have to be tasteless or boring.

I totally forgot there wasn’t any meat on my plate. That’s a first.

Ethos operate a self service buffet style dining experience, split by hot and cold dishes. Forget those all-you-can eat places with their unimaginative and generic dishes.

Ethos offer a variety of favours and quality cuisines from around the world like the Middle East to Mediterranean to Asia. Check out Ethos’ delicious menu which revolves on a daily basis to keep things interesting. As someone who struggles to choose just one dish from a menu, I loved having bits of the world on my plate.

Like buying pick and mix at the cinema, you’re charged by weight. Unlike the pick and mix at the cinema, the price at Ethos is much more reasonable. I thought the value of food on my plate (£10.83) was roughly the same of equal quantity anywhere else in London (with the added benefit of trying a little bit of everything too).

Ethos, Vegetarian Restaurant, London

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My gorgeous Cleanse juice concoction of apple, kiwi and pear is up there with my favourite drinks – ever. Something this healthy usually doesn’t taste this good.

Even the desserts will have the health conscience nodding in approval with some even being gluten free, vegan friendly and refined sugar free.

I was full but the deserts looked so good I had to take some home. It would be rude not to.

Desserts Ethos, Vegetarian Restaurant, London

Dessert Plate Ethos, Vegetarian Restaurant, London

I had a cherry chocolate kugelhof (£2 (vegan friendly), a peanut butter bomb (£1.80 (vegan friendly and gluten free)) which was thick and creamy like eating a tablespoon of peanut butter in one go and Victoria sponge cake which was fluffy and had the most amazing and sweet chocolate topping.

Walk past Ethos on Eastcastle Street and you might be fooled into thinking its a luxury furniture shop. The pure white finish, stylish light fittings and trees seemingly growing out of the floor and through the ceiling suggest Ethos is a place where the city slickers kit out their lavish London pads. It’s a foodie Instagramers dream.

Ethos, East Hardcastle, London

The atmosphere is a lot more relaxed than appearances suggest however, despite the braces and shirt combo of the staff.

If you fancy eating out (the only reason would be to enjoy the sunshine cause Ethos is that pretty inside) Ethos offer hampers, perfect for summer picnics.

Delicious healthy food, super friendly staff and surroundings befitting of a 5 star hotel, vegans and vegetarians have all the fun.


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