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Prime Gelato Menu Review | Best Vegan Ice Cream in London?





Prime Gelato has 27 gelatos and sorbets to choose from at any one time.

I got to try all 27.

Not having lunch was a good choice.

Top 5 favourite flavours include peanut (tastes like Snickers), hazelnut (tastes like Ferraro Roche), salted caramel, Oreo (still with the crumbly biscuit) and coffee and hazelnut (it’s vegan). I ordered a cup of the last two after tasting e.very.thing.


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I didn’t think I’d like the vegan ice creams if I’m honest.

Dairy free ice cream? Get that out of my face!

*Clutches dairy products to chest

Yet Prime Gelato have created gelato with a water base that still packs all the flavour and texture of regular dairy ice cream.

Vegans rejoice! You don’t have to miss out as many of the flavours are the same as the regular dairy type!

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Somehow Mirko (head ice cream chef) has managed to attain a silky smooth texture in his sorbets. When I think of sorbets I think of calypsos – icy.

Mirko explained to us it’s all about the quality of ingredients and machinery with Prime Gelato (CLANG. That’s the sound of the penny dropping – Prime Gelato).

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He uses the sound analogy of if a race car driver wants to win the championship, he needs the best car. Everything is made on site.

Where Mirko sources his ingredients is astonishing.

*Takes deep breathe

Hazelnuts are the same as those used in Ferraro Roche. Pistachios are from Sicily. Vanilla pods are fro. Madagascar. Coconuts are from Thailand (paste as fresh coconut is a waste). Could is 100% Brazilian arabica. Peanuts are from the States. Fruit is from frozen pulp from France (fresh fruit is hard to use because of the inconsistent quality so frozen pulps). And the lemons are from Sicily.

I get detail is a big part of Mirko’s character.

Mirko also likes to experiment (we got to try 5 concoctions including chilli chocolate which has a massive kick! And durian, an Asian meat which smells of rotten meat).

He’s also working on a sugar-free ice cream using Stevia, starting with chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut initially. He also hopes to make the waffles vegan and butter free in the future – watch this space. He even offers vegan cones!

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Licorice was the special flavour on sale as it’s a popular choice in Italy. Mirko said you either love it or hate it. I didn’t try it.

Prime Gelato opened in August. But before that…

Mirko worked in insurance in Italy 3 years ago but found it stressful. So he decided to venture on a path of gelato (great decision). He enrolled in the best ice cream academy in Italy, then went onto a masterclass where his master was an ice cream champion.

Oreo is his favourite flavour by the way in case you were wondering (seriously it’s really good).

But it’s not just about gelato. You’ll also find waffles, crepes, milkshakes and hot drinks.

And grab a loyalty card next time you’re in – get ten stamps and enjoy a gelato free!

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