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Why It’s Worth It To Buy High-End Luggage

Traveling can be quite an expensive endeavor. The flights, travel insurance, and transportation to and from airports really add up. Adding even more to the costs is how expensive luggage is. That’s why so many people end up buying cheap luggage instead.

However, there are some very compelling reasons to spend more than we already do on luggage. Seeking out high-end brands and spending more may seem counterintuitive, but in the long run, it saves money. 

In this article, we will go over exactly what those reasons are so you can spend your money wisely on your next set of luggage. 

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It lasts longer

Expensive luggage doesn’t mean it costs that much because it has a name brand. It’s expensive because they use a material that is either luxurious or very functional. If you decide to spend money on luxury luggage, the reason should be on functionality and not so much for the name on the front. 

For instance, this leather duffle bag costs hundreds of dollars with some costing over one thousand. What you get for that money is a product that is guaranteed for a hundred years. When a company is confident that their product can last that long it is because of the craftsmanship and the materials that they use. They know it will last because it is made to. 

When you think about the cost of something that will last the rest of your life, suddenly the amount doesn’t seem to be that much. Spending less will have you spend more in the long run because of how often the bags will need to be replaced. 

It’s environmentally friendly 

Although not every piece of luggage is going to use sustainable materials or be made in a low-impact way, the fact that they don’t need to be constantly replaced is better for the environment. Most luggage is not recyclable because of how many different materials are used in the production. This means that every broken bag is destined to fill up a landfill. 

Of course, there are products out there that do focus on the sustainability of the materials and that the production processes are not too dependent on fossil fuels. And there is a markup on these types of luggage. Be careful when buying them though as they may not be as quality made as some of the luxury brands out there. 

They’re an accessory

Even though you really want to spend money on quality and not just the brand, there is no denying the cool factor. A quality piece of luggage is a great accessory that makes a style statement. People definitely notice well-made pieces of luggage just as they do with clothes. 

If you decide to check in a high-end bag then it will also be unique and easy to spot when it comes down the belt for pick up. There is a lot less risk that somebody will get their bags mixed up with yours.

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