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Wolf Review, Soho Theatre – Lewis Doherty

No description of Wolf will prepare you for what to expect. I sat there stunned, with a massive grin on my face for an hour.

What did I just watch?!

Lewis Doherty plays 30 hilarious characters including Detective Patrick ‘Nobody calls me Patrick’ Wolf who’s avenging the death of his partner, Jay Walker.

Yes that’s right, 30 distinguishable characters all with different voices, making you forget Wolf is a one man play.

Even though Doherty only has a chair and couple of small lights as stage props, you know exactly what action he’s conveying such is his acting talent and creativity.

His energy is incredible in this all action narrative, the pacing of the story is fast and furious. There’s car chases, multi-man fight scenes and a robbery. All told by himself.

It’s almost as if Doherty watched every 80’s and 90’s detective film, noted every trope, mashed them together and turned them up to the extreme and to create the ridiculous Wolf.

There’s a little borrowed from the guy who does sound affects in Police Academy, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Beverly Hills Cop, The Transporter
The Nutty Professor… to create something absolutely unique.

Wolf is a must see and easily in the top three plays I’ve seen. Doherty has a new one man fantasy adventure play titled Boar at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which I can’t wait to see.

Rating – 5/5

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