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Soho Grind Review – French Lessons Given Downstairs…

Cold, wandering around the streets of London, I was attracted by the warm glow emanating from the Soho Grind. A hot drink, just what I need on a freezing mid January winter day.

soho grind

What better drink to warm you up than a hot chocolate? A large one costing £3.10. Check out Soho Grind’s menu for more.

soho grind

The hot chocolate was less creamy than I’m used to, but I actually prefer it that way. I wasn’t thinking, ‘I’m going to have to work this off later’.

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As it was less creamy, there was a much more intense chocolate taste, like a 100% chocolate bar in liquid form. Perfect for anyone who enjoys an indulgent chocolatey hit. I’m definitely in this camp.

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The Soho Grind isn’t your typical coffee shop. It’s not really a place to enjoy a book in quiet surroundings. I was trying not to throw shapes to ‘Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine’ by James Brown. But it is a place to catch up with someone without feeling the need to lower your voice or feel like people are eavesdropping.

Oh, the warm glow that attracted me in the first place? They have their own Soho-esque neon signs, one which suggests ‘French lessons given downstairs’. I didn’t venture that far to see if this was a true statement. Maybe next time; just the hot chocolate ma’am. Yes, I maybe watching Die Hard writing this.

soho grind

Conveniently located near Regent Street on Beak Street, it’s the perfect place to recharge and have a coffee before shopping some more!

Soho Grind also offers breakfast, lunch and dessert with wonderful looking sandwiches and cakes, a speakeasy cocktail bar in the basement (that solves the mystery of the French lessons then!) and apparently make a mean espresso martini for those moments when a coffee just won’t do. Follow Soho Grind on Instagram and Twitter.

What do you recommend having at Soho Grind? Tell me in the comments section below!

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