Best London Food Apps: Discount, Deals, Cheap Lunches & Dinners

Wondering whether to have a burger or chips?

Or what the shrapnel in your back pocket can afford?

(Brownie points if you know what song that lyric is from)

Fear not. With these six best London food apps, you can afford a burger AND chips.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or just drinks, you can save money with these apps at bars and restaurants across London. And read on to find out how to eat at Michelin star restaurants and soft openings for cheaper and even discounted baked goods sent to your home.

Too Good To Go London food app

Toogoodtogo app

Help reduce food wastage and get money off meals and desserts with Toogoodtogo. It’s a win-win for everyone so there’s no excuse not to download.

Perfect for grabbing something on the way home from work or treating yourself after a tough day at the office with something sweet!

What dishes you’ll get in your Magic Bag is a bit of a lottery, but when the meals are better than half price, you won’t be complaining.

I got this for £3 instead of £12 from the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs…

Best London Food Apps: Discount, Deals, Cheap Lunches & Dinners 5

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Mealpal London food app review

Mealpal app

Lunch for less than a fiver? In London?! Surely you can’t be serious. I am being serious. And don’t call me Shirley.

That joke doesn’t really work written down does it…

Anywho, Mealpal offers lunch for less than a fiver…

There’s lots of chains like Yo Sushi and Wrap It Up to more independent food places like Pilau and Patty and Bun.

Embargo London food app review

Embargo app

As well as discounts on food, Embargo also have money off bars too.

The more you visit a restaurant or bar, the better your offers get. That’s a loyalty program I can get behind.

So if you have a favourite bar or restaurant, it’s definitely worth checking to see if they’re on Embargo (or you might just find your new favourite place…).

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Best London Food Apps: Discount, Deals, Cheap Lunches & Dinners 6

Karma app

Similar to Too Good To Go, Karma helps save food that would otherwise be wasted. Karma offers different sellers, so it’s worth checking both apps. The savings are equally huge too.

I saved these giant donuts (all for myself) for only £6 in total.

Best London Food Apps: Discount, Deals, Cheap Lunches & Dinners 7
OpenTable London food app review

OpenTable app

And if you’ve got your heart set on a particular restaurant, it’s worth checking to see if they’re on OpenTable (they most likely are).

You can collect points to spend on future meals. If you’re lucky, OpenTable might even have a deal on the restaurant you’re looking at too.

Ubereats app

And of course there’s Ubereats who email offers every now and again. Use my Ubereats discount code, eats-timothyc4380ue, for £15 off your first order (minimum £20 order).

WalkUp app

I’d also recommend downloading the WalkUp (formerly Walkin) app too which lets you virtually queue up for restaurants without actually being outside. We used it for the very busy Hoppers in Soho and the user experience was pretty seemless (I can also highly recommend eating at Hoppers too – we had a dosa the size of my head!).

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And while these aren’t apps, you can still save money on the best food in London

New Restaurant Soft Launches

Get as much as 50% off your food bill by eating at soft launches. Let’s face it, London’s food scene is incredible and there’s always new places popping up.

Before a restaurant officially launches, it’ll advertise a soft launch where it opens it’s doors for diners while they figure everything out and iron out the kinks in service.

I recently enjoyed 50% off at the lovely Flesh and Buns (complete with press for Pisco buttons on the table) in Fitzrovia.

Hot Dinners has all the new restaurants opening in London so you can schedule your calendar!

Time Out Food Offers

Time Out refresh their restaurant offers frequently so it’s always worth checking in and they always have a wide variety to suit even the fussiest of eaters.

I’ve previously enjoyed the bottomless afternoon tea at Cutter and Squidge which was 50% off. You buy vouchers which you mention when booking your table (there will be terms and conditions about when you can use your voucher), print them off and take along with you.

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Michelin Star Deals

Looking to impress? Or maybe your taste buds are bigger than your wallet also?

Dine out at Michelin Star restaurants while saving a little money at the same time.

Check out The Fork’s (formerly Bookatables) Michelin Star Experience deals for 3+ course deals at the very best restaurants London has to offer.

Earth and Wheat

Okay, Earth and Wheat isn’t specific to London, but I’ve been using them for the past few months and think they’re great.

Earth and Wheat collect misshapen baked goods from bakeries who would otherwise throw them out. You can expect baked goods like crumpets, tortillas and naan bread to name a few for only £6.99.

They send the boxes using next day delivery to your house so your food is fresh! You can freeze your baked goods too (which I do because it’s quite a lot for two people).

Here’s an example box I received.

Best London Food Apps: Discount, Deals, Cheap Lunches & Dinners 8

Ot only are Earth and Wheat food waster heroes, for every box ordered, they donate to UK food banks.

Check them out using my link, we both receive £1 off our next order!